Victor Brilon

I learn, build, and break new technology. I start ventures and help them grow. I solve problems. I am an entrepreneur. I connect people and ideas. I make music. I feed my curiosity constantly.


  • Innovator in the mass adoption of consumer electronics, web, and mobile applications through work at industry-leading firms
  • Leading teams at companies of all sizes, from newly formed startups to Fortune 500 multinationals
  • Identifying and developing deep relationships in customer and partner organizations.
  • Thriving in an environment of rapid change and innovation.
  • Representing his company in media, industry, analyst, and executive briefings.


  • Vizio
  • Nokia
  • AnywhereYouGo
  • c2o/EDS
  • Eagle River Interactive
  • Consulting for various clients including Texas Instruments, Nokia, GameStop, Sharp USA, and many others

Selected Conference and Media Appearances

Books — As an editor and reviewer

Open Source projects I've contributed to



  • Consumer electronics design, sourcing, and manufacturing
  • Lots of scripted/compiled/interpreted languages
  • OO design and architecture
  • Network, systems, and security infrastructure design and implementation
  • Lots of experience in developing for and administering many flavors of Unix


  • Making my son and wife laugh until they fall down
  • Solving difficult product and technology problems
  • Listening to and performing an eclectic variety of music
  • Creating and building things that are interesting and at times dangerous to myself
  • Learning how to create new things to amuse myself, my family, and my friends

Wish List

  • A replica of a 1966 Shelby Cobra 427S/C from these guys
  • Time and talent to attend a few semesters here
  • One of these bad boys

Victor Brilon
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